Water Heater Sizes

Not all hot water heaters are created equally, and they shouldn’t be.

Some consumers prize hot water on demand in localized settings. Those people need a few tankless heaters feeding directly to their sink and showers.

Other people have large homes that need a rugged water heater with a large capacity, unless they want to install more than one tankless heater to save on their energy bill.

Still, there’s a place for large standard water heaters in many homes, and the technology of these sizeable units continues to advance.

You might want a tankless 4 GPM model or a 50-gallon standard gas heater.
You might need a heater for your summer home or even your boat, or a heater for your five-bedroom house.

Different brands excel in different sizes and styles. You can even purchase a hot water heater simply to power your outdoor shower.

As tankless heaters have gained popularity, several more brands have jumped into the market.
There are tankless heaters that can handle everything from one sink to an entire home.

Standard heaters usually come in 40- and 50-gallon models, and do not underestimate their efficiency as the technology improves and those models compete with the new wave of tankless versions.

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