Water Heater Information

Like many other consumer products, the choice of water heating appliances seems to be increasing at a steady rate.
Regardless, the most common thing a consumer takes note of is the price.

But what are the factors that affect water heater prices?

Is there a certain rule you have to follow in order to determine if what you are paying for is worth the price?

Here is a breakdown of the different factors that affect water heater prices.

Operating Cost

Your home appliances come with a couple of price tags. One is the sticker price, or its price when you purchase it; and another is the operating cost of the appliance.
You should always check how much an appliance will cost you over time.

The outcome may surprise you, especially if the water heater you have in mind looks like a great deal. More often than not, the higher priced unit turns out to be the better choice.

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Installation toolsPeople often make the mistake of looking at price and/or operating cost only, and they tend to forget about installation. But if you’re not the crafty type and need to have the installation done by a qualified professional, water heater installation has the potential of turning all previous calculations upside down.
Depending on your type of water heater, the cost of installation alone can run into 4 figures.

The cost of installation includes the use of tools, labor cost, costs for meeting codes and licenses (if your city or state requires one), etc. And if you are switching from one type to another, say, your previous unit is a storage water heater and want to switch to tankless, then the cost will be even higher.

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Maintain your water heaterWe use water heaters every single day, and some types are very reliable and durable even if you don’t touch them for years. Only few people are aware that water heaters need to be maintained to make sure they are running efficiently and properly. Although instruction manuals usually come with maintenance information, it is often overlooked and most people fail to check how to do it until it is too late.

Some water heater manufacturers offer free water heater maintenance in the first couple of years. Take advantage of this service, and do not forget to ask for useful tips on proper maintenance. Also check the user manual to see if there are any tips for your specific model.

Simple routine maintenance will help prevent damage to your water heater, and you can easily enjoy years and years of uninterrupted heated water to get your money’s worth.
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Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are possibly the simplest and cheapest types of water heaters.
And compared to gas water heaters, electric-powered heaters are also easier to install. They don’t require venting and can therefore be placed at different indoor locations. However, since electricity is more expensive than gas, the operating cost of heating is more expensive than gas.

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Gas Water Heaters

Gas water heaters are more complicated to set up. You have to make sure that the installation area is properly ventilated and that all installation codes are met.
The price tag for these heaters is a little higher than the prices for their electric counterparts, but lower operating costs make up for that within a few years time.

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The best thing about a tankless water heater is that it can be a “bottomless” hot water source. And since water is only heated on demand, the running costs of tankless heaters are less than for storage (tank) models.
Downside of this heating type is that a tankless heater can be very complicated to install and replace. This comes on top of the higher prices, so you have to do your math to see whether a tankless model is the better choice or not.

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