Review of Rheem 81VP20S

Beats larger capacity water heaters in performance and savings

Rheem 81VP20S Electic Point-of-Use Electric Water Heater, 20 Gallon
Rating: (4.4 out of 5 stars)

Type of HeaterElectric Tank
Size / Capacity20 Gallon
Dimensions25.25 x 19.75 x 19.75 inches

Rheem 81VP20S

When it comes to water heaters, one of the top brands that come to mind is Rheem. Its highly reliable units do not disappoint, and this reliability can also be expected from its electric point-of-use water heaters. The 81VP20S is a compact and convenient tank water heater for commercial applications and supplies 20 gallons of water at the location where it will be used. The automatic thermostat maintains the water at the temperature it is set.

Review Details

Powered by electricity, this 120-volt model comes with a three-prong cord set. Operation is very easy—it is plugged in. The unit is wall mountable and wall brackets are included in the kit. The manufacturer offers a 6-year limited warranty on tank and parts.

The 81VP20S shares several patented features that Rheem models are known for:
(a) the R-Tech anode rod that not only extends the heater’s life but also allows the unit to operate without being sensitive to varying conditions in the water source;
(b) the resistored lifeguard elements to further protect and prolong the life of the anode rod and heater;
(c) the Everkleen system that uses a spiraling stream of water at high velocity to fight damaging sediments from accumulating inside the unit; and
(d) the Rheemglass Porcelain Enamel Tank Lining that ensures durability for the tank.
The tank also comes with a rust-resistant drain valve made of brass to facilitate draining in case service will be needed.

The good

Other positive things to note about the Rheem 81VP20S include:

  • Design
    Even though the unit is a tank water heater, this model will often fit in the area where it will be used, thanks to its very limited size. The unit is quite compact at 19.75” x 19.75” x 25.25”.
  • Insulation
    The manufacturer uses a patented process called R-Foam® insulation process to retain heat.
  • Automatic shut-off
    The unit is equipped with an over-temperature protector that shuts down power when it detects temperature exceeding the allowable limit.
  • High energy efficiency
    More hot water is delivered at reduced operating cost due to the high efficiency heating element.

The not so good

We couldn’t find any real downsides.
Just remember that the operating cost for this tank heater will be more than for tankless heaters of the same size.

Our Verdict

The Rheem 81VP20S is a budget-friendly tank-type point-of-use water heater and has almost the same features as Rheem’s bigger models in its various series. While this particular model is designed for commercial use, it can also be used in small households. Consider talking to store personnel and even Rheem to get more information if you are eyeing this unit.

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