Review of Rheem 42VR50-40F

Hassle-free high capacity, energy saving water heater

Rheem 42VR50-40F High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater, 50 Gallon
Rating:(4.3 out of 5 stars)

Type of HeaterGas Tank
Size / Capacity50 Gallon
Dimensions23 x 23 x 59 inches

Rheem 42VR50-40F

For those looking for high capacity water heaters that use natural gas as fuel, try the Rheem 42VR50 that supplies 50 gallons of water. This high efficiency heater is maintenance free as it has no filters. And similar to other Fury Gas Series models, it has the Guardian System to ensure safety. When the sensor detects flammable vapors, it will automatically turn off the water heater.

Review Details

The Rheem 42VR50 is certified for use in altitudes up to 6,000 feet above sea level, and emits low NOx levels. It is also a good choice if your area has hard water. Due to its high energy factor (rated at 0.62) it is highly suitable as replacement for old, worn-out water heaters. It is also affordable—at a cost running below $550 online.

The unit is easy to install and offers hassle-free ignition with the piezoelectric pilot system. Once up and running it provides consistent non-stop hot water and you won’t have problems with water pressure dropping due to simultaneous use of water-intensive appliances. You can easily fill a Jacuzzi tub, too. Even at the lowest setting the water is hot. It has fast recovery rate (30.3-50.5 gallons at 90o rise) and operates quietly.

The good

The Rheem 42VR50 shares the features that make Rheem water heaters a cut above the rest:

  • Magnesium anode rod
    To ensure that you enjoy the unit for a long time, the manufacturer uses an anode rod made of magnesium and couples this with a resistor to prevent the tank from rusting.
  • EverKleen™ system
    This patented system prevents sediment from building up; thus, it ensures operational efficiency. As a result, your fuel costs are reduced and you get more hot water.
  • Easy-to-find replacement parts
    The unit comes with parts that can easily be replaced. There is no need to special order and wait for the parts since a trip to the hardware store is all it takes.
  • Warranty
    The manufacturer offers a warranty of six (6) years for the tank and parts.

The not so good

Please note that the Rheem 42VR50 is:

  • Susceptible to dents
    The unit can be easily dented during transport. The damage is cosmetic and will not affect performance. Be sure to inspect the unit upon delivery and quickly report the issue to customer service. It’s still better to have the unit replaced and really get your money’s worth. If you are not going to have the unit replaced, the seller often gives a discounted rate.
  • Leakage
    Owners have reported leaks due to (a) overflow, (b) pressure relief valve, and (c) pinhole leak in drain stem.
    For (a) check your vent. It may be that your vent has clogged; regularly clean it to prevent water from accumulating and overflowing.
    For (b) the leak is due to thermal expansion as it occurs when the water pressure rises as the temperature increases. Customer service recommends purchasing an expansion tank or chamber to remedy the problem. But before buying, check if you have set your temperature too high as this contributes to overheating the valve.
    For (c) there are helpful guides on the web that can assist you in checking for and fixing the leak and if the leak comes from the drain valve, the part is easily replaceable.
    And as a general rule, place a tank pan (although this is not required) to prevent water damage.

Our Verdict

The Rheem 42VR50-40F High Efficiency Natural Gas Water Heater comes highly recommended. You not only get a top brand at a good price, you also get technologies that increase your savings and offer greater operational efficiency.
Be sure to check for rebates and government credits for using natural gas water heaters. Also check your local code to ensure that you are installing the unit up to code.

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