Propane Tank Water Heater Reviews

In areas beyond the scope of gas lines, or for people who simply prefer using propane as fuel, propane tank water heaters can be an economical and reliable choice.

Propane heaters cost about $25 less per month to operate than electric ones, on average, and thus pay for their higher initial cost within a year or two. Considering that many tank water heaters last a decade or more, the savings begin to run into the thousands of dollars when calculated over 10 years time or longer.

Propane heaters also offer quicker recovery rates than electric heaters, meaning that many consumers can purchase a smaller tank and still have plenty of hot water for their needs. A surprising number of homeowners opt for propane water heaters (about 3 million), and this style of heater is often preferred in rural areas, where its greater efficiency (as opposed to electric heaters) make it a popular choice. Users of propane often qualify for various tax credits as well, depending on where you live.

Most propane tank heaters are in the 40- to 50-gallon range, although models that heat up to 100 gallons are available. They range in price from $400-$600, on average. Installation is moderately difficult and much like what needs to be done to install a standard gas heater.

Finally, people who are seeking to be more green believe in the cleaner operation of a propane heater, and they appreciate that their water will still run hot even when there are power outages, in most instances. They also swear by the savings that they get the longer their heater runs.

Propane Tank Water Heater Reviews – High to low Ratings

Coleman Portable Water Heater

Coleman Hot Water-On-Demand Portable Water Heater

Rating: (4.0 out of 5 stars)
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Price Indication:
$200 – $220
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