Not Enough Hot Water

So you are taking a shower and the hot water doesn’t kick in as quickly as you had hoped. Or, someone had taken a shower not long before you got in, and now you have only tepid water.

Many people express dissatisfaction with the amount of hot water that they are receiving out of their shower or tap. This can occur frequently when you move into a new residence and have a different level of performance from your hot water heater.

Tips for Getting Enough Hot Water

Here are several reasons why you might not be getting enough hot water, along with possible solutions to your problem:

Your heater is not as large and powerful as you are accustomed to

If you moved from an apartment complex with huge commercial heaters and now are in a home with a 40-gallon heater, you will absolutely not get the same type of quick, abundant hot water as you are used to. In some areas where commercial heaters keep the water hot, you could almost shower forever and never run out. Not so with a 40-gallon heater, as you have discovered!

Solution: buy a larger hot water heater or consider a point-of-demand, tankless heater.

You now draw on an electric heater, not a gas one

Electric heaters take longer to heat enough water in them. Even the best models are not as quick to heat water as gas models.

Solution: accustom yourself to your electric model or purchase a gas one to replace it if you are truly dissatisfied.

Your shower is not close enough to your hot water heater

It might take awhile for the water to actually get to your shower, then add more time for that water to heat and arrive in the shower head. Some home layouts can feature 100 feet of pipe or more between heater and shower.

Solution: you can take several approaches with your piping, insulation, etc. It would be best to consult a plumber before you finalize a solution.

The dip tube or some other part of your heater is malfunctioning

Your hot water heater might have plastic parts that can disintegrate, including parts that keep hot water mixed in with the other water in the heater, ensuring a rapid delivery of hot water when you need it.

Solution: call a repair person and see if the part can be replaced. If not, it might be time for a new hot water heater. If yours has lived for more than seven years, it might be time to replace it.

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