Bradford White Water Heater Reviews

Bradford White water heaters come in gas and electric models. They are known for costing a bit more than other brands, but providing long-term, trouble-free usage that ends up saving its owners money. This brand draws consistently good reviews and is known as a brand that professional contractors call on again and again.

Bradford White draws particular praise for its ease of adjustment and the ability of its users to get on the control panel and make constant, fine changes to water temperature according to need. It sometimes takes homeowners a bit of time to figure out what is the correct balance between the energy bill and ideal temperature for the water in the home; Bradford White models make such tinkering a snap.

Bradford White models are also known for technological advances, such as its intelligent diagnostics system that relays color-coded messages through an LED light, so that you always know what is occurring in your unit’s interior.

Bradford White owners have to pay a bit more upfront, but report lower maintenance needs than for other brands and less trouble overall. The only minor complaints are that the unit is sometimes a bit taller than competitors and a little more loud when operating.

Bradford White Reviews – High to low Ratings

Bradford White M250T6DS-1NCWW

Bradford White M250T6DS-1NCWW 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater - Tall Model

Rating: (4.1 out of 5 stars)
As part of Bradford White’s tall electric models classified as Energy Saver, the M250T6DS-1NCWW Electric Water Heater exemplifies the power of the Hydrojet® Total Performance System. This system includes a device in the cold water inlet that reduces … [ more ]
Price Indication:
$500 – $550
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