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Water Heater Reviews and Information

The range of what you can buy online seems to grow by the day.
And now, that range extends to hot water heaters.

You can now make a choice without ever looking at water heaters in person or banging on metal to see if a given model is solid.
You can get all of the information that you need online — no more time-consuming trips running around town trying to find the best price.
Now, you can find the best price for a hot water heater online AND shop around for the best installation prices, too, all in one visit.

It’s not as hard as you may think, we guide you through the process.
You save time, money and hassle.

Here are the six easy steps that you need to take to get the best hot water heater for your residence at the best price.
Completely installed if you so choose.

  • 1

    Choose your Type, Brand and/or Needed Size

    Decide on what type of hot water heater that you want: Gas or Electric? Storage or Tankless? 40 or 50 gallon?
    If you know what you want already, proceed to step two.
    If not, then start by reading the information under General Info.

  • 2

    Read Reviews by Preferred Choice

    Read the handy reviews that we have included on each hot water heater.
    All water heaters reviews are conveniently categorized by Type, Brand and Size

  • 3


    Make a decision when you feel comfortable with your choice and follow our links to find the best price for the model that you want. If you have any doubts, you can read further reviews as you proceed towards payment.

  • 4

    Get Installation Quotes

    After deciding what to buy, fill in this form to get free quotes for installation.
    Of course, if you choose to install yourself, you can skip steps four and five.

  • 5

    Have your Water Heater Installed

    After looking through the quotes, pick an installer and make an appointment on or near the day that your hot water heater arrives at your home.

  • 6

    Enjoy Hot Water Again

    It’s time to enjoy your newly installed water heater. Enjoy hot water again!
    Don’t forget to share how easy we made this entire process. Twitter, Like us or Google+ our website.
    Your friends will be happy you did when they need a new water heater.

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